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Office 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Woodworking

Office 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Woodworking

Office 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Woodworking

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How to Build A File Cabinet
If you want a file cabinet to hold your home's paperwork, you can build this file cabinet very easily using a little ingenuity. This project is great for beginners.

Building A File Cabinet
A detailed drawing accompanies Pat Warner's explanation of how he built the carcase, made a frame-and-panel back, built the base, and made the drawers and top.

How To Give A File Cabinet A Makeover
DIY experts demonstrate how to beautify a metal file cabinet with bead board and wood veneer. This one's been stained green and finished with a striated effect to fit a country French home office.

How To Faux Finish A Filing Cabinet
DIY experts show how to change the look of a boring industrial file cabinet with faux-finish spray paint that looks like textured stone and marble.

Best Way - DIY Wood File Cabinet
Many wood file cabinets are made from particleboard, lacking the sturdiness and security you might require. But not one you make yourself.

Wraparound Desk Made From One Sheet of Plywood, 2 Filing Cabinets
A cheap and simple way to build a desk using a sheet of plywood and two old filing cabinets.

Office 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
This handy 4-drawer filing cabinet is relatively easy to build. Made of solid oak and oak plywood, it is much sturdier than the classic metal filing cabinet. Fee plan.

Free Woodworking Plans For Cabinets / Chests from WoodWorking
I'm not sure what this is - a table or a filing cabinet. Either way, it looks like a great and very functional project to build.

File Cabinets
Woodworking Plans for immediate download from Fee plan.

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