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Framing Your Hearth With A Mantel
Give your fireplace the attention it deserves by adding a mantel. Putting up a pre-assembled mantel is an easy task for someone who is moderately skilled in home improvement, along with a helper. It can...

Greek Mantle
A fireplace mantle in the classical Greek style. Nicely detailed. Maintain the proportions if enlarging or reducing. DXF Format.

Fire Place Mantle
To finish off the living room cabinet/shelves/speakers project, I needed to replace the odd looking mantle that came with our house. Actually, I built the cabinets, then the mantle, followed a few months...

Gas Fireplace
Cozy up your home with a clean and efficient gas fireplace Itís hard to give up an old wood fireplace. The smell, the crackle, the fun of poking at the fireóthey all make a home feel more inviting. But then there are the downsides. Traditional fireplaces are not very efficient heat sources.

Build New Fireplace Mantle
Ron visited Novi, Michigan, a western suburb of Detroit, where he was asked to drop in on the Coppa family to show them how to create a beautiful handcrafted fireplace mantel. Who would've thunk it?

Paul's Place - Cottage Life
Cutting firewood is a task that helps you separate the romance from the reality. If you plan a few winter nights with logs crackling in the fireplace while you sit sipping scotch, well, thatís romantic. All the more so if you got that wood by strolling into the...

Carved Fireplace Surround
Alastair's new house contained an old fashioned grey brick faced fireplace, with a red tiled hearth. To modernise the look of the living area and add value to his property, Alastair created his very...

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