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Flip-Seat Storage Bench Plan

Cottage Pine Storage Bench - Woodworking Plan

English Garden Bench Plan

Firewood Box
Build the fire wood box shown on the right with just a few tools and a small investment in materials!

Firewood Rack
Build the outdoor firewood rack shown on the right with just a few tools using scraps lying around your shop!

Firewood Recycling Bin Shed
This versatile shed is actually two projects in one: by using the same central design, you can build a firewood shelter or garbage and recycling bin.

Proper Wood Storage/Woodshed Design
This provides a pattern for the construction of a storage shed for firewood.

Wood Shed
A properly built wood shed keeps the weather out while allowing proper ventilation. The goal is to allow proper drying for your wood while also preventing rot. This is a great, inexpensive weekend project for a first-time builder.

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