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Drying Fish - Red Salmon
This class focuses on how to dry fish in a non-traditional setting. Includes photos of a crude but effective salmon drying rack.

How to Make Fish Drying Racks
Using this technique, drying can be slow and the fish is easily spoilt. The use of drying racks has many advantages over traditional methods.

How to Dry Fish
Drying fish removes enough water from the final product so that the growth of microbes that cause spoilage are retarded, but drying isn't the same as dehydrating, which removes all but 3 percent of the moisture.

Subsistence Activities In Alaska
A log cabin is visible in the brush above the river and other structures, including a fish drying rack, are visible.

Practical Methods For Salting and Drying Fish
Drying racks can be made from bamboo, or wood. One flat rack raised on legs can be used. One layer of fish is then laid on top of the rack.

Fish Curing Facts and Information
Get information, facts, and pictures about fish curing at Includes photos of fish drying racks.

Salmon Drying Racks Along The Alagnak River
King and silver salmon fishing is excellent in this lower river as is evident by the native fish camps and salmon drying racks.

Drying Food
One of the advantages of drying foods rather than canning or freezing them is that you can get by with almost no special equipment. A kitchen oven, drying trays or racks, and storage containers are the only basic equipment needed.

How to Build An Outside Food Drying Rack
Racks of beef, pork, poultry, game and other meats will dry in the sun once sliced into strips or fillets. Fish can be dried whole.

Smoking and Drying Fish
The author, founder of the World Survival Institute, provides insight into safely smoking and drying fish.

First Nations Fish Camp
They would construct the drying racks out of different types of wood, usually alder, which they would then peel, cut to size, then tie together with babiche, a type of leather.

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