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Fish Wheel Plans - Fish Wheels of The Yukon River, Alaska, Fish Wheel On The Columbia River Circa 1880, and more

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Fish Wheels of The Yukon River, Alaska
Photos of working fish wheels on the Yukon River, Alaska. The most comprehensive collection of fish wheels that I've found online.

Fish Wheel On The Columbia River Circa 1880
Fish wheels were water-powered nets that automatically scooped up migrating salmon & steelhead that were funneled into the wheel.

Fish Wheel - Wikipedia
Information about fish wheels plus photographs of historic Oregon fish wheels.

YouTube - Rapids Fishwheel Catching Salmon
Fishwheel catching salmon during the height of a record run on the Yukon River.

YouTube - Fish Wheel
Filmed 7/11/08 at a fish wheel on the Copper River in Alaska. Music: Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Wapedia Fish Wheel Photo
Photo of a typical wooden fish wheel. The baskets on the wheel capture fish traveling upstream. The fish caught in the baskets fall into a holding tank.

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