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Fishing Planer Board Plans - Planer Board Design Details, Make Your Own Dual Planer Boards, and more

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Fisherman's Friend Rod Rack Plan

Planer Board Design Details
Some friends of mine who use planer boards to go walleye fishing made a set of these and they work very well.

Make Your Own Dual Planer Boards
In addition to the materials, one will need a hand saw, wood rasp to form the 30 degree angle on the face, a 1/4" and 5/16" wrench, wood sealant, and highly visible paint.

Make Your Own Fishing Planer Boards
I found a couple planer board designs on the web that are all basically the same. With this plan, the prints are clearer and there is better material utilization.

How to Build Planer Boards
A set of planer boards can cost up to $100 bucks. Why not build your own and use that money for more fishing tackle!

How to Build A Set of Planer Blades
Planer boards allow for more fishing lines to be trolled simultaneously and are used to spread lures and harnesses away from the boat when trolling at low speeds.

Making Your Own Planer Board Release Clips
Last issue we published an article on making your own planer boards and now that you have made them the next thing you need are release clips.

YouTube - How to Use Planer Boards
Now that you've built a planer board, here's how to use it

YouTube - How to Make A Planer Board
How to build a planer board from scrap wood, threaded rod, and basic tools.

DIY Planer Boards
Anyone have plans for a DIY planer boards? I am just starting and just spent all my cash on the boat.

Chesapeake Bay Planer Boards
Planer boards used in the Chesapeake need to provide a carrying capacity of 3 to 5 lures pulling substantial weight including large umbrella rigs. Here's how to build them.

How to Build Your Planer Boards For Cat Fishing.
With the growing popularity of the use of planer boards for cat fishing, I thought some folks might be interested in making their own to save some coin.

Build A Set of Fish Trolling Planer Boards
The following is a successful design that is easy to build and requires no ballast. The planer boards are asymmetrical catamarans that are made in pairs.

Planer Board Plans
Plans for constructing a pair of planer boards from standard lumber that can carry up to four fishing lines.

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