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28' Deep Gable And/Or Eave Entry Jumbo Garage Plan

Eave Entry Gambrel Garage Plan

Two- Or Three-Car, Lower-Entry, Saltbox Garage Plan

Highlands Garage

Building a Garage
The following steps are applicable for the construction of a 16 feet 22 feet garage.

DIY Garage
Garages are not only a place to store cars, but they are also a great place to store things and build a workshop. This section offers information on how to build a garage, install a garage door opener, build a garage firewall, and organize the contents within your garage.

How to Garage
Having a detailed garage plan is a prerequisite for anyone building a garage -- pro or do-it-yourselfer -- because it's needed to get a local building permit.

One Car Garage
These neatly laid out plans are easy to follow and are perfect if you need a place to store not just your car but anything you would need to store in a garage.

Single Garage
This garage is designed with cost in mind. It is an ideal project for the person with a limited budget.

Two Car Garage w/Loft
This well designed 2-car garage is packed with many features and options. The steep roof permits an optional loft with over 5' walls on the second floor.

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