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Garage Workcenter Plan

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Garage Storage Cart Plan

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Built-In-Utility Shelf
A "half ladder" is built and nailed to a wall stud, and then horizontal "stretchers" are added to form another edge of the shelf. Add some cleats for the back and side, apply some OSB or plywood, and you've got yourself a quick'n'easy shelf unit.

Shop Storage
Inexpensive shelf storage is easy to make and isnít very time consuming.

Homemade Garage Shelving
With this simple design, made with inexpensive, basic materials, you'll increase your storage space quickly and easily.

Utility Shelves
You can build adjustable utility shelves in a single afternoon using 2 ◊ 4s and plain 3/4" plywood. Perfect for use in a garage or basement, utility shelves can be modified by adding side panels and a face frame to create a finished look suitable for a family room or recreation area.

Building Garage Shelves
This page describes how to build cantilevered shelves. Properly built, the shelves are strong enough one can climb up the front of them.

Garage Shelves
The shelves are actually quite simple to build, so there is not much to a 'plan' for them.

Plywood Shelves
Building shelves doesn't usually require a lot of skill or specialized tools, so this is one project just about any do-it-yourselfer can handle.

Wheeled Shelf Plans
These shelves are perfect for anyone who would like to store anything in their garage that doesnít fit in the house.

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Garage Workcenter Plan Garage Organizers Plan Garage Storage Cart Plan

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