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How To Build A Classic Cedar Garden Bench
If the only thing you do in your yard is mow the lawn, maybe it's time to add some creature comfort to your outdoor space. Our stately cedar bench is ideal for relaxing in the fresh air, enjoying the greenery and just getting away from it all. And, it's more than just a great place to sit.

The Twig Easy
Create a beautiful, all-season resting place in your garden. Best of all, a rustic bench costs almost nothing to make.

Garden Bench
Enjoy your roses from this nicely sized bench. DXF Format.

Building A Deck Bench
Article on building a bench for your deck

Mendocino Bench
The clean, horizontal lines and rich redwood tones of this bench design reflect the simple beauty of Northern California. Comfortable and elegant with a gracefully curved seat and angled backrest, it...

Saucy Bench
O, Thou Art a Saucy Bench! Classic garden furniture with an English bent This bench has a stalwart Victorian personality with excellent stability. It will last a lifetime. Plus, it's easy. If you've never built your own garden stuff, this is the perfect entry point. Artisans' work featured on this Episode...

Garden Bench
An attractive and heavy duty garden bench.

The Garden Bench
This attractive, slat-back Bench makes a perfect back yard spot for whiling away a beautiful Spring or Summer morning If you've priced sturdy, well-designed outdoor furniture lately, you can probably...

Garden Bench
This is a rugged garden bench I built for my wife after she completed a nature trail through our woods. The trail begins behind our house, passes behind the No Yankee Workshop and ends up at the edge...

Garden Bench
This is one of those projects inspired by a comment by the wife about needing something to sit on by her garden while doing various things associated with gardening. A small bench would fit the situation,...

Make A Garden Stool
When we work in the garden we know our back gets to hurt, we know our knees get to hurt, and it was the same thing four or five hundred years ago when people were making cobblestone streets. And that's...

Build A Custom Tree Bench
Rick and DJ love the old pine tree in their back yard. So much so, in fact, that they wanted to dress it up and spend more time under its branches. Ron was asked to help them build a tree bench surrounding this lovely tree. Ron balked but I talked him into it...

Garden Bench
Enjoy the beauty of your garden from the comfort of a bench you build yourself. There's just something about a natural cedar garden bench that seems to say "come on and sit a spell." This bench is great for lounging on a relaxing afternoon, reading or adding entries to your garden journal

Garden Bench Hideaway
Enclosing the seat will add intimacy, we say, and nestling the bench beneath a tree will make the space seem more out of the way. Adding lattice will accent the garden and offer even more privacy. Before beginning the wall frames, we remove an old bench that was in the garden and clear out space for the new arbor by...

Remodeling: Garden Bench
A flower garden is a great place to relax, but that's hard to do if you don't have a place to sit. Host Pat Simpson shares tips for building a simple yet attractive garden bench.

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