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Garden Footbridge Plan

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Build A Footbridge
Span the gap from the rat race to your peaceful place. Build a Footbridge Do you have a special retreat that doesn't seem so special anymore? If so, add a footbridge. A footbridge enhances the feeling...

Build A Foot Bridge
The existing bridges are beginning to fail, and the ditches are difficult to cross without them. Starr is hoping that Ron can teach him how to build the first bridge, using beautiful redwood from nearby forests. I'm putting money on Ron...

The Rainbow Bridge
You should obtain the best lumber available, however as each arch member is made of 2 pieces, this is not as critical as with a single piece, as long as two big knots in the wood don't coincide.

Garden Bridge Plans
You will need a 9/16 ratchet wrench to screw in the lag bolts. Don't attach decking yet - it is much easier to do this as the very last step so you have access when attaching the guard rails.

Graceful Footbridge
There is no place like home, especially when you have H2O. Homemade ponds are very popular today, but if you are as lucky as we are to have a year-round stream running right through the middle of your property, then there should be a prerequisite for doing something with it.

Arched Footbridge
Making an arched footbridge out of lumber can be fun, hard work and also quite rewarding. Following is the plan for how to build an arched footbridge with or without rails. If you take your time and have modest woodworking skills you can easily build this type of bridge.

Building An Arched Bridge
Making curved structures out of lumber can be challenging but quite rewarding. This picture shows a flowing walk leading over a curved bridge in the front courtyard of a home. The walkway is easy to...

An Arched Bridge
This bridge was constructed entirely on the back lawn, showing that you do not always need an elaborate workshop or shed to undertake such a project.

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