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Build A Picket Gate
Build a picket gate The choice of gate is determined by its location. Side gates are located between the house and the boundary fence. They are usually 1800mm high for backyard privacy, but need to be...

Garden Gate
Make your very own garden gate with these free plans from Georgia-Pacific.

Outdoor Gate
The deck was perfect until their two-year-old daughter, Kashlyn, began pushing farther and farther in her childhood explorations. Now, Mike and Lisa need a gate under the archway and Ron is just the man to help them build it.

Traditional Heart Gate And Fence
Cedar is very easy to work and with a few basic tools you can create appealing detailing on a gate. 'Antique' hinges and latches add further decorative touches.

Two And Four Post Entrances And Fences
A vital part of any gate construction is ensuring that it's properly supported by posts that can absorb the stress of constant movement. The posts must be set in concrete footings and be perfectly plumb,...

Driveway Gates
A fair amount of thought had to go into the design of these gates. The driveway had an uphill slope, therefore the bottom of the gates had to be about 250mm (10") above the ground in closed position to allow the gates to open over the sloping drive.

Fit Double Gate
It's a simple enough task to build and fit a standard type garden gate as long as the posts are parallel and the ground is level and even, but what if this is not the case? What if the ground slopes up from the gateway entrance? How can you open a gate if the ground slopes up higher than the bottom of the gate?

Garden Gate
A side gate or garden gate is usually placed to protect certain areas and/or to keep kids or pets in, intruders or animals out, or even just for privacy. Generally, a side gate or garden gate is about 1800mm (6ft) high.

Trellis Top Gate
The key to the beautiful fence was using quality redwood materials. We also had to build a gate to match the fence. It was not difficult, but because the gate needed to match the fence, and at the same time it needed to be structurally strong, it took some planning and designing in order to come up with a beautiful...

Concrete Gate Post
Not only does a concrete gate post look good and have a bit of a stately feel about it, but unlike its lumber counterpart it is not prone to twisting, bending, warping or bowing. In fact it is not going anywhere for a long while. Sure, there's a bit more work involved than with a lumber post but the extra effort is...

Post Cap
When the concrete gate posts were first made we didn't give too much thought as to what sort of cap would adorn the tops. Then, while on a Sunday drive, we spotted a post with a suitable cap and took a photo: that's it to the left. The challenge was to make something similar!

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