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Wooden Guitar Stand
This stand consists of 4 pieces of wood. Both of the legs are made of two pieces of wood glued together on an angle.

Guitar Stand Plans Ideas
Forum discussing guitar stand plans including links to photos and helpful writeups.

Homemade Guitar Stand
This guitar stand is my latest project.Its made from Cherry wood with some Purpleheart inlays.

Free Guitar Plans, Guitar Building Jigs and More
My hope is that this collection of free guitar plans, guitar building guides, jigs, etc. will make your life much easier.

Recently Finished Guitar Stand
Forum where woodworkers get to show off their custom guitar stands and other related projects.

Make Your Own Wood Guitar Stand
Video showing how to make a creative and cool guitar stand for very little money.

DIY Multiple Guitar Stand
I realized I own several guitars which take up a lot of space in my home studio. To get some of this space back, I built a multiple guitar stand.

How to Make An Electric Guitar Stand | DoItYourself.Com
An electric guitar stand can be easily made using several materials and tools. You will need plywood for the stand and a jigsaw to cut out the stand shape.

DIY Guitar Amp Stand
This is a great amp stand and is stable for smaller combo amps.

WoodCentral Guitar Stand Contest
Here are the results of the first WoodCentral Craftsmanship Awards competition: the Guitar Stand Contest. Entrants were asked to design and build a guitar stand that would look good and function well.

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