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Build A Display Cabinet For Firearms
Many firearms are laid flat and slid under a bed, or they are stood in a closet or buried in a drawer. Others are simply laid across bland-looking racks. It doesn't have to be that way. Firearms should be stored in a convenient and secure place that allows us to admire and handle them or easily remove...

Ammunition Box - Small-Arm
The British Army 560-cartridge small arms ammunition box of the period was a wooden box with a sliding lid section on the top. It was held together by brass self-tapping screws and glued.

Gun Cabinet
This gun cabinet was fun to make, though a little more difficult. I tried to get someone to etch the glass with a deer or something but they all wanted too much. The cabinet stands 83" tall and holds six rifles above, hand guns below, and ammo in the drawer.

Ammo Block
A block used in reloading rifle shells. Design calls for aluminum, but hardwood may be substituted. DXF Format.

Gun Rack Plan
This Rifle Rack Plan is only one design of many possibilities to store rifles and shot guns.

Rifle Rack
With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can construct a Rifle Rack, as shown here.

Wooden Gun Rack
This beautiful hand crafted wooden gun rack is the perfect way to display your favorite rifles. It is made of walnut, and is designed to hang on the wall and will add that special touch to your den or trophy room. The two drawers provide storage for shells and cleaning supplies.

Firearm Racks
One of the keys to enjoying a firearm collection is proper storage with easy accessibility. Many different types of racks have been developed and adapted towards that end. As with any valuable item, security is also a concern. A safe fulfills the security aspect very well, but often leaves a lot to be desired when it...

KTA Gun Rack
The plan assumes basic woodworking skills. Basic material used was treated 2x6 lumber. Lumber type can be changed to other weather resistant material such as redwood, cypress or western cedar.

Field Rifle Rack
This simple field rifle rack idea has been around for ages. I have no idea where it originated, probably Europe or Africa where hunting parties were accustomed to the finest in equipment and accomodations. It doesn't hurt to have scored of bearers to carry all that stuff around.

Folding Gun Rack #1
We gathered up graph paper, pencil, triangle, ruler and went to work. We weren't that fluent with SketchUp yet as we spent hours and hours on the tables. We pulled up Mr. Proclamator’s post and went to drawing. So here is one way to do it.

Folding Gun Rack #2
Here is the Gun Rack in process. It is still rough not really sanded as yet. I hope to have it done next weekend, but we shall see.

Gun Cabinet
The prime purpose of a gun cabinet is to keep the deadly firearms away from children, the second being the desire to show your guns off as conversation pieces to your friends. This cabinet is perfect for those specifications.

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