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Half Pipe Plans
Our design offers ease of construction, low cost of materials required, and complete portability. Accommodating skaters of all skill levels. Fee plan.

Baseball Black Half Pipe Sports At Bizrate.
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Free Halfpipe Plans
My plans are for a beginners halfpipe and were designed to take the best advantage of the dimensions of 4'x8' plywood and 2"x4"x8' studs and have little waste.

Free Halfpipe Plan Pictures
Includes photos of the steps taken in building his son's halfpipe. Also includes free plans and FAQs.

Free Skate Ramp Plans
Free ramp plans for a 4 foot mini halfpipe, 8 foot vert halfpipe, 4 foot quarterpipe, grind box and funbox.

Free Mini Halfpipe Plans
Here you will find free ramp plans on how to build an outdoor mini halfpipe. The halfpipe shown in the pictures is 2'8" high, 8 feet wide with an 8 foot flat bottom and 3 foot platforms.

How to Build A Skateboard Ramp
How to build a skateboard halfpipe in 11 hours. The ramp was to be 5 feet tall by 12 feet wide with a 7 foot transition which is pretty mellow but you can still blast airs out of it.

YouTube - How to Build A Skateboard Half Pipe
In this YouTube video, Mikey Strahan shows how to build a kick-arse skateboard half pipe.

YouTube - How to Make A Half-Pipe in Sketchup
In this video, I show you two different ways to make a halfpipe in Sketchup.

How to Build A Halfpipe Or Ramp
Learn how to build a halfpipe in this article, based on a 10 foot high platform with a 5 foot radius and 5 feet of vertical.

Build A Modular Half-Pipe
Provides free instructions on how to build a halfpipe with step by step plans, photos and needed materials.

DIY 4 Ft. Or 3 Ft. Quarter Pipe
This instructable will show you how to easily make a perfect quarter pipe using plywood and 2x4 studs.

How to Build A Totally Modular Half-Pipe
Plans for a totally modular halfpipe which can be taken apart to store in a garage or basement.

IASC Endorsed Blueprints For Skate Ramps
Blueprints for a variety of ramps including drop-in, quarter pipe, half pipe, pyramid, and fun box.

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