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Instructions to Make A Hall Bench
A hall bench is a great place to put shoes on and take them off before entering or leaving the home.

Build Your Own Foyer Bench
Clean up front-hall clutter with a bench that doubles as a storage chest. Our red oak version features a timeless frame-and-panel style.

Mission Style Hall Bench
This Mission style bench was made as a wedding gift for a good friend. They sent a pic and I basically tried to reconstruct what I saw.

Country Hall Seat Woodworking Plan
Liven up an entry or hallway with the classic, dual purpose 48"-long bench with a handy storage area for boots, mittens, scarves and other outer wear. Fee plan.

Hall Bench Plans
The box under the seat has two tenons on each end of back and front, which may either come through flush with the outside of the ends or not quite all the way through if preferred.

New Yankee Workshop and Norm Abram Fans! Entrance Door - Jigs
On the DIY Network will be programs #1301, Jigs (morning only), and program # 1303, the Hall Seat and program #1304, the C. D. Storage Case.

How to Make A Hall Bench
This type of bench seat is generally put at the end of a bed, against a wall in a wide hall or in a house entrance area.

Entry Storage Bench/Shelf System
All it takes to build this entryway bench is a little creativity, a little muscle building, character chiseling sweat, solid wood, and about $50.

Braden Entryway Drawer Bench
They say making your bed sets the tone for the entire day. I say having a tidy entryway sets the tone for your entire house.

Entryway Bench
Get inspired to build your own entryway bench with this awesome creation by Rod Chelberg of Pittsfield, ME. Fine Woodworking Photo Gallery.

How to Build A Foyer Bench
Consider building a custom foyer bench out of hard wood. It will give people a place to sit, will be a conversation piece, and should last for years.

DIY Oak Bench
To suit the dining table: a timeless, beautiful oak bench that seats two to three it casts a wonderful glow in a long room such as a hall, for example.

Woodware: Hall Bench with Mirror
This is the construction notes for our hall bench with a mirror. Building the box. Building the mirror frame. Test assembling the bench.

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