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Hanging Herb Drying Rack
Spring is here and fresh herbs will plentiful in no time. Dry them the old way with a wood hanging rack, modeled after the antique hangers found in every colonial era kitchen.

Simple Herb Drying Rack
Make a simple herb rack out of things you probably already have such as dowels and twine.

Solar Herb Dryer
Michelle shows us how to make a solar powered herb dryer out of reused materials in this video.

How to Make Herb Drying Racks
A clever and inexpensive way to build a herb drying rack from an picture frame and window screen.

How to Build An Herb Drying Rack
Like most herb gardeners, I eagerly look forward to the harvest. How could I dry the herbs? Why not build an herb drying rack?

Herb Drying Racks No. 1 and 2
Herb Drying Racks No. 1 and 2. When my old garden bench finally succumbed to old age and the elements, I saved the slats to make a few good drying racks.

Drying Rack By Martha Stewart
Using a drying rack is eco-friendly, as it cuts down on electric dryer use. Also, a drying rack is versatile and can be used for things such as drying fresh pasta.

Drying Herbs
A good drying rack is very useful for the gardener who plans to dry quantities of herbs for medicinal use. You can construct a simple herb-drying rack with several levels.

Herb Drying Rack Using Twigs
I made the rack by tying lengths of red raffia (string or a thin rope would work well too) to either end of a stick that I found in the yard.

Easy Herb Drying Rack
My inspiration came from my uncle's tobacco farm where the leaves are hung on racks with spikes piercing the leaves. Uses 1-2 furring strips about six feet long.

Herb Drying Rack By HGTV
Craftswoman Jennifer O'Neill makes an herb drying rack out of picture frames.

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