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Holiday Woodworking Plans - Christmas Card Caddy, Gingerbread Craft Patterns, and more

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Intarsia Angel Plan

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Christmas Card Caddy
Make this nice caddy for any occasion. This attractive, yet easy to build, project makes a great Christmas present. Deliver it filled with food, wine, candy or use your imagination.

Gingerbread Craft Patterns
This pattern was contributed by The Gingerbread Cottage by Jeniene Catell.

Building/Shed For A Tabletop Nativity Scene
My daughter Andi, asked me if I could come up with some sort of structure for the nativity scene which she was making for her family. She made, fired and painted some remarkably beautiful ceramic figures.

The Child's Sled And Climbing Bear
Two great Holiday projects that are destined to become favorites for the children on your Christmas shopping list. The Child's Sled The Climbing Bear...

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Five great designs for turned or sawn ornaments The turned ornaments can be made in a minimal amount of time and each can be uniquely crafted to an endless variety of designs. Here are...

Holiday Hurricane Lamp
Make just one of these great lamps in a single afternoon - or make a bunch more over a two-day weekend that you can give as gifts for family and friends!

Santa Craft Patterns
Santa Patterns and Projects. Corner Santa perches on top of your door frame or window frame. There's also Bored Santa...

Christmas Sign Craft Patterns
Easy to make Christmas signs to put you in the mood...

Angel Craft Patterns
Oh My Stars Primitive Angel, Miss Helga Herbs Primitive angel that loves herb, and Butterfly Angel.

Nativity Craft Pattern
This pattern was contributed by Yesteryear by Donna Atkins.

Christmas Craft Patterns
This pattern was contributed by Yesteryear by Donna Atkins.

Patriotic Craft Patterns
Patriotic wood craft patterns for ornaments. Includes an easy-to-make tole painting pattern that will show your patriotic pride!

Open Segment Christmas Ornament
A stylish egmented wood turning ornament.

Angel Ornament
Many woodworkers start their workshop careers at the scrollsaw. In many ways itís the ideal starter tool: itís a quiet, relatively safe tool that doesnít require expensive wood to make great projects with. I made this ornament out of scrap wood...

Lighted Snowman
decoration/ Light up the yard and the holiday season with this sturdy snowman's everlasting smile.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Christmas outdoor decorations and yard decorations - make a snowman, Santa, sleigh, luminaries or a giant wreath for your lawn decorations!

Outdoor Christmas Display
A lively Christmas display on your lawn or roof top will contribute to the spirit of Christmas in your community.

Santa and Reindeer Display
An excellent idea for anyone who is into the holidays and has a creative mind.

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