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Easy-to-Build Low Bookcase Plan

Craftsman Two-Drawer Bookcase Plan

Barrister's Bookcase Plan

Two-Shelf Oak Bookcase

Craftsman Bookcase Plan

Bookcase Plan - Built-In Bookcases

Built-In Bookcase Plan - Build A Cozy BookNook!

Bookcase And TV Stand Plan

Home Library - Design Ideas, Bookcases, Decor
When people begin to entertain the idea of creating an in-home library it is important to plan ahead depending on the type of a library is actually desired. There are three major types, as far as I can tell.

How to Design A Home Library
Don't be afraid to mix and match architectural elements even if you plan to have your home library revolve around one central theme.

Build A Home Library
Construction is fairly simple, standard cabinet case construction. A 1 1/2-inch facer added around all edges not only finishes off the fronts, but also adds stiffeners to the shelves.

How to Create A Home Library
A home library can be a dynamic expression of your personality. Learn how to create a home library and establish a special space for reading.

How to Build A Cheap Home Library
Designing and installing a library can be an expensive task. However, even the poor student can scavenge materials readily available and still attractive.

Build A Home Library Without Breaking Your Budget
If you're looking for ways to fill your library shelves, and feed hungry minds, here are some ideas for where to look.

How To Create A Home Library
Informative series of articles for creating your own home library. Includes library organization, book care, library furniture, and more.

Create A Relaxing Home Library
With a little planning, you can have a home library that preserves the beauty and value of your books while offering a relaxing sanctuary from your hectic life

Library Bookcases - DIY from Poplar
Bookcases are a fun and useful DIY project. Wooden bookcases are simple to build. Add this poplar version to your home.

YouTube - My Attic Library
A warm and inviting library situated in the upstairs of a barn. Good ideas for shelving and layout.

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