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Horse Shelters
An assortment of plans from the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Includes horse barns, stables, box stalls, tie stalls, trailers, and more.

Building Your Horse Barn
One of my favorite horse barns was a smaller one I built from the ground up and I just loved it. I even made it match the house!

Horse Barn Plans from Stable Designs
With a flexible floor plan and plenty of space for up to six horses, this 36' x 36' Gable style pole barn satisfies the needs of both horse and human alike. Fee plan.

Horse Barn Plans And Blueprints
Designs of pole-barns, traditional wooden stables and run-ins, with blueprints available from some of America's best known architects and designers. Fee plans.

Planning and Building Horse Barns
Learn how to plan and build horse barns, fences, and corals to keep your horse safe and sound. Includes overview of different barn styles, flooring options, etc.

Amish Built Horse Barns
Lots of good photos to inspire your own horse barn design. These Amish-made horse barns and horse stables are constructed of quality, time-tested materials.

Designing Horse Stables
If you're building new or renovating another building to serve as a stable here are some considerations for designing a safe, comfortable stable for your horse.

Free DIY Horse Barn Plans
Select from more than sixty free building plan sets for horse barns, run-ins, loafing sheds and hay barns. You'll find construction designs for barns and stables with from one to seventeen stalls.

How to Build A Horse Stable
Your average horse requires a stall of about 12 feet by 12 feet for adequate comfort. You will also need to factor in room for hay storage (

Toy Horse Stable For Your Lil Riders
I made this barn for my horse loving granddaughters. I looked at lots of pictures and came up with this design.

How to Set Up A Successful Stable Yard
To build a stable yard which will last for a while without needing to be rebuilt, keep horses happy, and also make money, these are the key factors.

Building A Horse Barn On A Budget
This articles helps you keep a tight rein on your barn building budget. The cost of building a horse shelter can range from $5000 for a small run-in shed to well over $30,000 for a home-style equine palace.

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