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Hunting Kayak
If you want to explore for game in the shallow back waterways where noisy motorboats can't go, this two-seater hunting kayak is for you.

Laker Kayak
Plans for a 13 foot Laker kayak. Complete details, including lightweight build options, are included in the Bill of Materials.

PakYak Folding Kayak
The unique thing about my PakYaks is that the frame really folds, instead of coming apart in a lot of pieces like most of the others. My new frame is made of Baltic birch plywood and aluminum angle bar. offsets published by David Zimmerly in Qajak: Kayaks of Siberia and Alaska.

Sea Kayak
The Qivitoq is an Inuit-style Sea Kayak, and was heavily based on native design. The original inspiration came from 'Wooden Boat' #104, the Chewonki Kayak.

Strip-built Baidarka Sea Kayak
Free plans for building a 19' Baidarka sea kayak based on

Stich and Tape Kayak Plans
O.K., long time coming, here are my latest plans for a Stitch-and-Tape kayak, (currently not named) once again, copywrited by me, but available for personal use.

Father and Son Kayak
Aaron was 11 when he asked his father, Dana, if they could build a kayak together. I thought it was a great father and son project, so we each built a kayak and assembled them together.

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