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Children's Art Table
This is one of the easiest projects I've ever thought up, so rev up that new jigsaw you got for Christmas and have a go at this ergonomic Children's Art Station.

Juvenile Kitchen Set
Table and chair set. Chair seats we imitation red leather, fitted to a base of 1/4 inch plywood which is fastened by means of screws inserted through the corner cleats. The table top is 3/4 inch plywood, covered with red linoleum and edged with a chromium nosing.

Child's Chair
Originally from 'Children's Play Furniture' by Woman's Day Magazine © 1960. This is one of my favorite plans, it is easily modified and the kids really enjoy the chair. I have made some modifications to the original plan.

Bed and Storage Boxes
Beds are for sleeping, right? Well, not if you're a kid. If you're a kid, bed is the place to read, dream, plot and schemeóor just while away a rainy afternoon. It's gossip central after school is out and the intensive care unit during a bout with the flu. It's the place to return to when the...

Desk and Shelf
The information age at your child's fingertips. Kids are not known for their neat work habits--neither are many adults, for that matter. But at least with kids, there's always hope that they can learn something better. Certainly the right desk can help. Our design provides sufficient work surface and...

Kid's Dresser
Designed to match the rest of our bedroom suite, this dresser features four generous drawers that slide effortlessly on ball-bearing-equipped tracks, and sturdy plywood construction with solid poplar detailing.

Storage Cabinet
This storage shelf is designed to be as versatile as possible. In other words, it holds just about anything that is likely to end up scattered all over the floor in your child's room. Its tall spaces hold oversize children's books, school notebooks, stacks of games or stuffed animals. The smaller spaces...

Commando Course
Get busy in the garden and knock up this commando course for your kids.

All Throne Up
Wicked kids' furniture with invincible upholstery I'm nobody's mother but I'm everybody's favourite carpenter aunt. This project is one reason why. You and a young helper can give this plywood throne any wacked-out, billowy shape you like. Then glue little bits of fabric all over it so it looks like...

Kid's BBQ Table
Below are the plans, instructions & cutting list for each piece of timber needed to construct the kids bbq picnic table. This is a smaller copy of the full-size 4 seater bbq table.

Baby Rocker Project
Creating a hand-made baby cradle can be a fulfilling project for an expectant parent or grandparent. It can provide a soothing place for an infant to rest and may become a cherished family heirloom, passed down from one generation to the next.

Decorative Chalkboards You Paint On
Chalk boards are more useful than many of us are aware. They can be used all over the house for communications, as well as in play areas. For example, have you ever thought how happy your children would...

Small Shelf (Mounted High!) For Kids Things.
The simple shelf pictured is perfect for installation high on a bedroom wall for kidís knick-knacks. Anyone with kids knows that if this shelf was lower it would be empty! It's perfect for dolls, stuffed...

Homemade Chalkboard For Kids
Use your own creativity to inspire your children to get creative! Make this cool chalkboard yourself. 1 piece of plywood (size of your choice) 1 can of black chalkboard paint Assorted artificial flowers...

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