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More Than A Pizza Paddle
With this great tool, you can put away those oven mitts for all but the heaviest of dishes. Move or remove pizzas, muffin pans, cake pans, and most other light to medium weight articles in your oven...

Laminated Rolling Pin And Dried Flower Vase
Here are two strikingly attractive projects that are as much of a joy to make as they are easy to sell at local craft fairs The Rolling Pin and Dried Flower Vase were designed and turned by Rude (pronounced...

Wash Stand
An 18th Century styled wash stand. Turned legs and carved decorations will hone your skills. DXF Format.

Carved For Attention
Power carving a hardwood bowl will get you in shape for Spring. There's nothing like hefting a power tool to tighten important muscle groups.

Cola Rack
A rack for storing two-liter bottles of cola. Will test your jig saw skills. DXF Format.

Toast Tongs
Zap-free toast removal This is a great beginners project because it demonstrates the flexibility and strength of wood. All it takes is a little water and heat to persuade these tong arms to wrap around a pretty tight corner. You’ll need a straight-grained bend-friendly species of wood like white...

Exotic Soap Dish
Tropical ipé is a natural choice for this quick project A small offcut of ipé (pronounced ee-pay) had been sitting in my shop for quite some time waiting for the perfect project, and here it is. Ipé, a finely-textured South American hardwood, is gaining popularity as a very durable—and pricey—decking...

Ice Box
A classic old fashioned ice box design. Build a new 'antique'. DXF Format.

Attachments Holder
Free up bench space with a nifty holder for all those whizzy attachments. Food processor blades and discs can be close at hand but out of the way with this storage idea. Vary the measurements...

Newspaper Recycling Box
If you’re a great newspaper fan and have one delivered every day, along with lots of junk mail fliers, a tide of newsprint is probably rising around your reading chair and coffee table. This project is the solution. It gives you a place to neatly store all that reusable fibre. And when it comes time...

Mah Jong Box
My parents-in-law have owned this Mah Jong set for several generations, but have never had a safe place to keep it. Instead, the pieces have been stored in a cardboard box that is in a rather decrepit state. Upon examination recently, it was agreed that the cardboard could no longer be repaired using...

A trivet is a quick and easy project that can be used either in the kitchen or as part of a more formal setting in the dining room, depending on your needs. The project can be easily built from start to finish in a weekend (indeed in a day if you use fairly fast-setting glue). We used some left-over...

Build A Hanging Pot Rack
Organize your kitchen with a hanging pot rack. Building a Hanging Pot Rack Are you tired of having pots and pans falling out of your kitchen cabinets every time you open them? If so, a hanging pot rack...

Kitchen Makeover
Mix bright ideas with smart design and give a bench top the look of stainless steel with paint and varnish. You've blown most of the budget on new appliances but you still want to make...

Kitchen Shelf
Keep crockery close at hand with an easy-to-build shelf. This handy shelf can be whipped up in just a few hours. And, while it's designed for the kitchen, it would be equally at home in...

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