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Low Cupboard
Professionally drawn low cupboard. Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format.

Kitchen Hutch
Very large kitchen hutch with door details. A striking design for skilled woodworkers. DXF Format.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas
Dress up your kitchen with these great cabinet door ideas...

Kitchen Cabinet Door Reface
Don't replace your kitchen cabinets. Re-FACE Them instead and save a bundle! Dreary kitchen cabinets can ruin even the smartest of kitchen decors. And if you've thought about solving that problem by purchasing...

Conover Wall Cupboard
This project, although not my design, is all my handiwork. It is a wall cabinet, approximately 31 inches by 12 inches by 7 inches deep, designed by Ernie Conover, and used as the focus project for the...

Grandma's Cupboard
This was a rebuild and finish project. This is a corner cabinet known locally as a "Lincoln cupboard" that my grandmother owned and was a fixture in her house in Tennessee. It was located in...

Oak Chimney Cupboard
During one of our mandatory weekly New Yankee Workshop viewings, Norm Abram built a chimney cupboard that instantly went to the top of my to-build list. Kitchen storage space is always an issue and this...

Pantry Cupboard
Despite a full compliment of kitchen cabinets, we needed additional storage space for canned goods, small appliances and other kitchen-related stuff. Additional storage space in the kitchen itself would...

Base Kitchen Cabinet
Here is a free kitchen base cabinet plan with dimensions. Building your own kitchen isnít really that hard. After all, a kitchen is basically a collection of boxes and panels. Letís have a look at a simple construction technique for building a frameless kitchen base cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet
Regardless of how you go about developing your kitchen cabinet plans, here are a few design and layout tips to keep in mind:

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