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Dining Table Plans

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Mission Style Children’S Rocking Chair

Mission Style Children’S Chair

Cocktail Table
36"x36" Mission style cocktail table. Includes a Cutlist Plus .clp file. DXF format.

Snack Table
Nice design for a folding snack table (TV Tray). DXF Format.

Ready, Willing & Table
'Antiqued' beauty to hand down to your descendents

Kitchen Table
Country kitchen table with turned legs. 30" x 60". DXF Format.

Anniversary Table
In the February issue we introduced the first piece in the POPULAR MECHANICS 100th anniversary furniture series--our elegant mahogany side chair. Now it's time to expand the theme with a project that's sure to capture your imagination--and everyone else's attention: a stunning table to match the chair.

Kitchen Table
Simple kitchen table design with tapered legs. Uses 'bat-wing' braces to reinforce M&T joinery. DXF Format.

Vineyard Table
The vineyard table is almost as old a design as the trestle table, dating back 300 years or more. Some sources claim these tables were used by grape pickers in French vineyards for working lunches...

Classic Oak Dining Table
Although Arts & Crafts design came to prominence in the early 20th century, it's still an extremely popular choice for modern homes. And it's no surprise why. The straight, square lines and absence of surface decoration are right in keeping with today's styles, yet the look is distinctly traditional,...

Dining Table
A simple dining table. Roughly 8' x 3'. Dimensioned in millimeters. DXF Format.

Basic Dining Table
One of the main challenges to building a table for me is a sturdy way of joining the legs to the frame, but still have it possible to take the thing apart for moving.

Arts and Crafts Dining Table
His table gains support from loose tenon joints, stretchers, solid ends and mortise joints. He says materials -- including top-grade oak -- for this intermediate level project should run about $400.

Trestle Table
Throughout the centuries, this simple design, known as a trestle table, took many ornate forms, but our version returns to basics. Its two pedestals are secured to a horizontal stretcher with stout tenons, locked in place by wedges.

Circular Kitchen Table
The circular tabletop and support pieces are all made from solid black walnut. There are four basic parts to the construction: the bottom cross support, the pedestal with bridle joinery, the top cross-support and the round tabletop.

Dining Table Drawer Option
The process is just like that described for the pine kitchen table on pages 38 and 39 of issue No. 43 . Only the dimensions of some of the pieces are different and on this table you’re adding a drawer at both ends.

Small Kitchen Table
While sketching up ideas for this table, we included arched aprons for added elegance. Those curves reflect some of the turned elements in the legs and they provides more legroom, too.

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