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Kitchen Island Plan

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Customized Kitchen Island
Every kitchen can use some more counter space. Adding an island can help solve that problem.

WorkBench Kitchen Island
Materials, hardware, and cutting diagram for a stylish oak kitchen island.

Birch Kitchen Island
John and Jimmy DiResta build a custom kitchen island for their friend, a former chef who has been preparing meals on a 1940s hospital gurney. They start with a birch countertop, then add a custom base with 18 storage bins and cubbies. Other features include a slide-out butcher's block, a recessed bowl and a steel pot...

How to Build a Kitchen Island
These easy step-by step plans for harvest table charm with style, with 3D animation and master-level blueprints.

Kitchen Work Station
A portable kitchen work station that provides both additional counter space and extra storage.

Design and Build a Kitchen Island
Learn with Uncle Ron how to build and install a kitchen island from ready-made cabinets; watch a video that demonstrates construction and assembly tips.

Meals On Wheels Kitchen Island Project
The design features 2 X 4 and 2 X 3 Douglas Fir lumber, 1/2" Lauan 4' X 8' panel, a bundle of white oak flooring, and 2 1/2" caster wheels. The original had a top width of 42 inches to fit in the kitchen.

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