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Kitchen Stool Plans - Kitchen Stool Project by American Woodworker, How to Make Kitchen Stools, and more

Kitchen Stool Project by American Woodworker
Few stools are as clean and elegant as this one. I built it with splayed legs to provide a stable footing. The multi-level rungs offer a variety of foot perches.

How to Make Kitchen Stools
Kitchen stools come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Wooden stools are a durable and classic option that you can make yourself.

How-To: Make Kitchen Stools A Work Of Art
Start with the most common, unfinished wooden stools that are easiest to find in either 24 or 32 inch heights. Begin by sanding the wood smooth

Make It and Love It: Kitchen Stools
I just noticed this post. I also just posted about redoing my kitchen bar stools and yours look great! Very nice photography work.

Make Cushions For Your Round Kitchen Stools
Follow these simple steps to create your own custom round kitchen stool cushion that will provide comfort as well as style to your universal stool.

How to Make A Single-Step Kitchen Stool
A single-step kitchen stool is among the easiest items of furniture to make yourself. Wayne of the Woods: Free Step Stool Plan

How To Reupholster Your Round Bar Stools
Some of the bar stools you pick up at Target or Wal-Mart in a weak moment are soooo cheap. Instead of discarding this piece of manufactured junk, just reupholster it with nifty fabric and keep it in your DIY shop.

Pot Kitchen Stool
In a store in NYC, Daily Danny spotted this pot stool. Easy to make and looks pretty darn cool.

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