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Arts And Crafts Candle Lanterns Plan, Mission Style

Warm-Glow Accent Lamp Plan

Floor Lamp Plan - Build A Craftsman Adjustable Floor Lamp

Arts And Crafts Wall Sconceplan, Mission Style

Arts & Crafts Lamp Plan

Turned Lamp Plan

Storybook Lamp Plan

Schoolhouse Calendar Clock Plan Hardware Kit

Mission Lamp
Don't build one cherry Mission-style lamp, build two This project is proof that you donít need a lot of space, equipment or wood to make something great. I used cherry for my lamp, but quartersawn white oak would look good too. Since the lamp is the sum of small parts, it makes sense to build...

Mission-Style Lamp
The majority of lamps that are available on the market involve the use of a lathe. However, turned lamps are not the only solution and, as this lamp proves, it is entirely possible to build an attractive lamp without any special tools whatsoever. This lamp is heavily influenced by the Mission-style,...

Crooked bedside lamps
Having scoured the department stores for a set of bedside lamps that would match the rest of my bedroom furniture, I finally gave up and opted for the more entertaining idea of making my own. The specification for the construction of these lamps was simple: they had to be cheap (less than $100 for both)...

Prairie Lantern
This beautiful lantern features hundred-year-old reclaimed redwood and elegant copper panels.

Abacus Lamp
The point of this project was to design a low-light lamp that would provide interesting shadows through the use of two abaci (the plural of abacus?). However, these particular abacuses have sentimental value to my aunt and, while she certainly wanted to do something with them, she did not want them...

Light Here Light Now (wall sconce)
Sitting around the fire is what makes winter worthwhile. When the firelight flickers, romance is not far off. In fact, more mad spontaneous couplings occur in ski lodges than you might think. It's not the rum-soaked hot chocolate. It's the fact that when firelight flickers, everyone looks at least 50%...

Japanese Style Lamp
It has been said that beauty comes from simplicity. If so, then this lamp is a classic example. It has a delicate appearance and looks difficult to make, while it is actually very simple to construct and should take no longer than a weekend to complete from beginning to end. The result is an appealing...

An Arts & Crafts Style Floor Lamp
Distinctive corbel supports and a wide, stable base mark our lamp design. This substantial floor lamp was designed to tastefully complement our rocker, bookcase and side table. It's just the right height to shed light on your reading material as you rock away in peace and quiet.

Lamp Post
Beautifully detailed and decorative lamp post for your yard. DXF Format.

Cadbury Torch--Wrought Iron Look Torch
Wrought Iron look torch--PDF format...

Chandeliers, Medieval
Plans for Medieval style chandeliers.

Gothic Candelabra
Gothic candelabra plans in PDF format.

Lantern Holder
Lantern holder plans.

LED Lamp
I've started the process of building a desk lamp using an array of white LEDs attached to a printed circuit board. This is based on a design by Ingo Maurer.

Wooden Birdhouse Lamp
This rustic and unique birdhouse lamp would compliment your bedroom, family room or office. It has multiple roof heights and measures 18" high without the light bulb and shade. It is a very simple project and could be cut out and assembled in a weekend.

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