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Laundry Room Storage Plans - Building A Drying Rack, Built-In Storage, and more

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Building A Drying Rack
A drying rack is a simple enough item to make. Inexpensive and straight forward, it can be made relatively quickly and easily. The plans detailed here are for a rather large one. This is the good kind...

Built-In Storage
Squeezing more storage space out of the laundry room.

Storage-Smart Laundry Room
A laundry room that incorporates style, storage, and an adjacent crafts center will help make washday a pleasant experience.

Laundry Room Storage Solutions
Control clutter in your laundry room! Here are 15 ways to keep an orderly, efficient wash room.

Designing A Laundry Room Plan
These laundry room storage cabinets have a large corbel bracket with a narrow shelf between it.

How to Convert A Closet Into A Laundry Room
Shelves hang on the inside of the flush hollow-core plywood doors, which are stiff enough to take the extra weight.

How to Increase Space in The Laundry Room
Video about increasing space in the laundry room.

Woodworking Ideas For A Laundry Bench
One of the best tools in a good laundry room is a laundry bench, complete with storage, folding space and even room for delicates or dry cleaning.

Laundry Room Storage Projects
Take a cluttered laundry room and create an organized space that adds value to your home. These DIY Basics provide tips on building a laundry chute, building shelves, and more.

Laundry Room Design By This Old House
Learn how to design a laundry room, add sink valves, install a utility sink, repair a two-handled stem faucet, lay a vinyl tile floor, and more.

Increase Storage Space in A Laundry Room
A good way to create more space in the laundry room is to add storage shelves or cubbies complete with a laundry basket for each member of the family.

How to Make Over A Laundry Room
Learn how to make over your laundry room using pre-made cabinets and shelving systems; includes tips, materials and tool lists.

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