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Bamboo Fountain
A solitary clack echoes through the garden and fades. We are reminded of the passage of time The shishi odoshi, a traditional Japanese fountain, was originally used to scare away deer who would otherwise feed on tender shoots in rice paddies. I can’t vouch for its efficiency at keeping herds of marauding...

Edwardian Style Obelisk
This formal, Edwardian-style obelisk can be adapted in size for both large gardens with sweeping vistas or small urban patios. Proportion and detailing are...

Light Of Way
Make your own Japanese-style outdoor lanterns - the ultimate in easy, low-tech garden lighting.

After completing my new deck project, I was on the lookout for some sort of accent lighting that would add a festive mood to the deck—I knew from the start those multicolored plastic Kontiki lights just weren’t going to work. Then it...

Zen Rock Garden
"Through Zen philosophy, one can experience the large in the small. And in a grain of sand, glimpse the meaning of the world." For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have practiced this philosophy by cultivating gardens of harmoniously-arranged rocks and raked gravel. This simple task reduces the day's...

Outdoor Duckboards
Meet the simple-to-build, multi-purpose outdoor “platforms” with dozens of great uses! Duckboards shed water just like their namesake “feathered friends” which make them well-suited...

Build A Zen Garden Box
A Zen garden box provides relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. Woodworking projects can be great stress relievers. There's just something about turning raw stock into a useful,...

Obelisks Urban Totem
Artwood Design Artist Bill Weber used a northwest coast totem pole motif for his obelisk, which has carved panels depicting winter and spring.

Dried Flower Holder
Knock together this dried flower holder, use standard size 3/4" thick cedar fence boards and decorate it with a length of sisal twine. Parts Cut two 12" lengths from the cedar fence board, rip them in...

Garden Hose Hanger
It may not be beautiful, but this garden hose hanger was built for strength. It is made from 7/8"-thick white oak for strength and durability, but both fir and cedar are good, weather-tough alternatives.

Engrave A Wooden Sign
Engraving is used to etch words or pictures into wood. You can engrave wood with electric or hand tools. But first, you must learn the proper technique.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
This decorative 4' high lighthouse both adds beauty to your landscaping and lights your way. Our project is a replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse off the North Carolina Coast.

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