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Build A Lazy Susan
A lazy Susan not only serves as an attractive centerpiece for your kitchen table, it also makes items in the back corner of a counter or cabinet more accessible. But the best thing about a lazy Susan...

Building a Lazy Susan
Learn how to build a lazy Susan; includes details for a circle-cutting jig for a saber saw and working with edge banding.

Desktop Lazy Susan
The desktop Lazy Susan provides easy access to files and supplies on many desktops. Ideal for persons with limited range of motion.

Lazy Susan
Think outside the box with this classic tabletop addition.

Lazy Susan
Deceptively simple in design, this functional project offers a lesson in bent laminations After 30 years making sawdust, I'm amazed that I continue to learn something new with each project. It's true even with simple projects like this lazy Susan. At first glance it appears easy, but a closer look reveals...

Wood Lazy Susan
This Lazy Susan not only serves as an attractive center piece for your dining table, it also makes food and condiment items more accessible.

Lazy Susan
There never seems to be enough counter space, or cabinet space. One way to get more space without a lot of trouble or expense is to build a lazy Susan. Ron shows us how in this next workshop segment.

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