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First-Class Letter Box Plan

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Letter Holding Rack
A letter holder is not only practical but can also adorn a passage, entry or other suitable wall and it is relatively easy to make.

Free Letter Box Plan
Download this free letter box woodworking plan compliments of your woodworking friends at Shopsmith. Free Patterns include drawings, material and cutting lists.

Letterbox Plans - Woodwork Forums
Mitre 10 web site has a number of free plans from memory. I'm sure that one of them was a letter box. Not sure of the style.

First-class Letter Box Woodworking Plan
Stick the day's mail in this two-compartment bin (which you can hang on a wall, if you like), and you won't lose any of those important cards and letters. Fee plan.

Letterbox DIY
Shirl has plans for a great new mailbox that's easy to make and will be the envy of the neighbors. The letterbox cost around $60 to make.

How to Build A Letterbox - Tips, Advice and Projects For Building
How, build, letterbox, tips, advice, projects, building, letterbox.

Build A Letter Box
Plans for building letter boxes from corrugated iron, bricks, and wood.

Support Platform For Mailbox
Building a support platform for a mailbox can be a creative, practical project. This simple, but sturdy mailbox post and platform will provide years of service.

Fitting A Letter Box to An Exterior Door
DIY advice on how to fit a letter box or letter plate to an exterior door. First decide where you want to put your letterbox on the door.

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