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Build It Yourself Stick Twig Log Projects
How to design a plan and build homemade rustic natural form twig stick or log furniture.

Log Furniture Plans
Plans containing complete instructions for building a coffee table, end table, coat rack, bench, and head board. Fee plans.

Making Outdoor Log Furniture
The reason I was attracted to this project was a lifelong appreciation for wood and the simpler times when craftsmen hewed logs into log cabins and also to log cabin furniture.

DIY Log Siding and Log Furniture Videos
How to make your own log siding, log furniture and how to cut tenons, build railings, stain logs and more.

Timber Home DIY Projects
We demonstrate a number of ways of using log accents and hollow timber beams to achieve the authentic look of logs.

Log Furniture China Closet
The finished cabinet is rather large measuring more than six feet tall and equally as long with cabinet depths of almost sixteen inches.

How to Build A Log Bed
I have been asked over and over again about building log beds and log furniture, so I am producing an instructional video showing how to build a log bed.

Build A Log Bed
Our professional log bed plans will show you, step by step, how to build a log bed and save hundreds of dollars. Fee plan.

Tools to Build Log Beds
After you've made the decision to build a log bed, make sure to equip your garage or workstation with the proper tools.

Log Bed Tips - YouTube
Tips on Building Log Beds including how to square up the bed.

Pondarosa Pine Log Bed
I was doing some searching for pine log beds and found this website and your bed. Goodness, it's beautiful!

Log Bed and Headboard
Entire bed frame built from nice-sized, hand-peeled aspen logs & sturdy lumber. An inspiration to build your own perhaps.

Make Log Beds - YouTube
An expert log furniture dude shows how to build and secure your log bed.

How To Make A Rustic Log Lawn Chair - Video
How To make a rustic log lawn chair from cedar or pine.

Willow and Pine Log Chair
Bent green Willow branches from our farm and pine branches salvaged from the forest floor make this chair.

How to Make Cushions For A Log Chair
Making a cushion to put in the seat of your log chair can add comfort to the wooden furniture while maintaining the natural atmosphere of the home.

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