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First-Class Letter Box Plan

First-Class Letter Box Plan

Creative Ideas - Mailbox Makeover
This spring, greet your family and friends with a new mailbox and planter. The mailbox at the end of the driveway is often the first thing seen by family and friends. Not only is it a landmark for finding...

The First Class Letter Box
Here's a handy, highly saleable item that's not only attractive, but quick and easy to build, as well. Everyone needs a place to put the day's mail, and this little Letter Box makes the perfect spot.

Mail Organizer
See this mail organizer? Iím going to show you how to install it and itís going to be so easy and itís going to make your life clutter free!

Family Mail Sorter Rack
This ornamental mail rack has a shelf for each member of the family. To make it, you need 3/8" dowels and 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 8" grooved shelves.

Build A Custom Mailbox
Steve enters countless contests and sweepstakes and has already won thousands of dollars in prizes. All he needed was a new, larger mailbox to handle all the mail he receives. Ron was more than willing to help. (surprise, surprise...)

Wooden Mailbox
This type of wooden mailbox is along the lines of 'letterboxes' more likely to be found in the City Suburbs of Australasia. US mailboxes are designed differently and for the most have postal regulations as to structure and dimensions including height off ground.

Mailbox Stand
This attractive mailbox stand is made out of 100x100 (4x4) lumber for the post and arm, and 100x50 (2x4) for the name plaque. The decorative bracket is cut out of 18mm (3/4') thick plywood.

Your Own Mailbox
Perhaps you've never thought about build ing your own mailbox. Or, if you have, you've imagined a frustrating process that would take up too much of your time. Well, if you do decide to build one (or ask someone who has), you'll find that while there's quite a bit of a planning to do, it's not so difficult after...

Bungalow Mailbox
This project was by request. As I live in the íburbs and have to walk to the curb to pick up my bills, a mailbox mounted next to my front door would be purely decorative. But a friend lucky enough to have postal delivery right to his door asked if I could come up with an appropriate design for his Arts & Crafts-style...

Mailbox Stand and Planter
Every mailbox needs a stand to support it. This is such a stand. Detailed plans and pictures without instructions. Is in standard dimensions (ft and ins). Also in PDF file.

Build a Wooden Mailbox
Enhance the beauty of your home with the addition of this stylish mailbox. It's ginger bread trim and widow shutters give it a storybook charm that will add beauty to your outside decor.

Front-Porch Mailbox
Replace that impersonal metal mailbox you bought at the hardware store with a distinctive cedar mailbox that's a lot of fun to build. The lines and design are so simple on this project that it suits nearly any home entrance.

Wooden Oak Mailbox
On the cover of the February/ March issue of Canadian Woodworking there is a real nice oak mailbox with copper arms for the newspapers. The one we made was similar to this one. We used the same wood and much of the same finish as the one on the cover of the magazine but used our own dimensions.

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