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An Easy-To-Build Hallway Mirror
The simple lines of this mirror make it suitable to fit almost any decorative theme. So if you have a vacant space on a wall in need of an attractive and practical adornment, this elegant beveled mirror could serve nicely. The frame is quick and easy to build, and you don't need a full-fledged shop...

Making a Mission Style Mirror
I started this week's project, not to be challenged by the Window Sash Kit, but to do a Mission Style Mirror for my Son and Daughter-in-Law. Having visited them in their new home in San Francisco, I thought they could use such a mirror. They liked the...

Divided Light Bit Set - Making a Special Mirror
One year ago, I set out to make this Mission Style Mirror for my son and daughter-in-law. It was a fun project that made use of the CMT Window Sash Set. One regret I had was in using so many pocket-screws to hold all the tiny pieces together. They worked...

Entry Table & Mirror
Table and mirror set for an entry way or hall. DXF Format.

Mirror Frame
Frame for a wall mirror. Designed to compliment the hanging corner cabinet featured in Woodsmith issue #128. DXF Format.

The Cheval Mirror
Here's a handsome, five-foot tall mirror that any lady would love to see under her tree this Holiday season! This elegant, generous-sized Cheval Mirror swivels on two turned pins to adjust for the perfect,...

Scroll Me Over
For the average person, looking into mirrors causes more pain than getting Pop Tarts out of the toaster. The only way to change this alarming statistic is to burn more Pop Tarts, or get a new mirror. The ideal mirror is small and asymmetrical, so you see only a limited amount of your reflection at once,...

Infinity Mirror
The infinity mirror has lights that seem to go very deep into the frame. It's particularly dramatic in a darkened room. However, when the mirror lights are off and the room lights are on, it's just like...

Cheval Mirror
Refine your reflection with the smooth lines of this cherry mirror This project began when a customer commissioned me to design a cheval mirror as a Christmas present for his fiancée. It turned out to be a great opportunity to create an artistic piece of furniture and a convenient way to make...

Chopstick Mirror
Build this Asian-inspired design with wedged tenons The inspiration for this mirror came during my first year in the Sheridan College furniture program, in southern Ontario, back in 1995. I’d seen wedged mortise-and-tenon joints in textbooks, and tried to incorporate them into a mirror. I revisited...

Mirror/ Planter Box
Do you have a room that needs a window, but you don't want to go to the trouble and expense of cutting a hole in your wall? Ron offered this simple, inexpensive solution. What Ron created in his workshop looked just like a window!...

Mirror Frame
Framing a mirror can add character and flare to a room as well as be a useful tool in salvaging an aging mirror.

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