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Arts And Crafts End Table/Nightstand Plan, Mission Style

Cherry Bedside Table Plan

Night Stand Plans

Night Stand Plan

Night Stand Plans

Shaker Nightstand Plan

Arts And Crafts Nightstand Plan, Mission Style

Arts And Crafts Nightstand Plan, Mission Style

Bedside Table
Two drawings of a bedside table made to go alongside a pencil post bed featured in 'Fine Woodworking' #76. DWG and DXF Formats...

Bedside Table
Plan view of a Mission Style bedside table and optional drawer. DXF Format.

Curved bedside cabinets
Most bedside cabinets are a rather dull design, being simply a box-like shape. When the below bedside cabinets were designed, we wanted to subtly change the shape and feel of the cabinets, but without removing any of the functionality. The basic requirement was to provide two large drawers (for knickknacks...

Night Table
While a bed and dresser are the main components of any bedroom suite, today's well-appointed chamber isn't complete without a pair of night tables to flank the bed. Our design complements the bigger pieces, yet differs enough to create some eye-catching interest. As for utility, there's room for a lamp,...

Bedside Cabinet
Bedside cabinet fashioned after a kitchen chest design by Harvey Smith DXF Format.

Night Stand
A two-drawer nightstand. Perfect for the bedside. DXF DWG formats.

Night Stand
Concept drawing of night stand. A partner to the Mission Cabinet in the Cabinets/Shelves section. DXF Format.

A clean simple design. Easy to build and easy to look at. See it at this web site. DXF Format.

Arts And Crafts Style Nightstand
This arts and crafts style nightstand was created out of some beautiful walnut. The entire front, including the door, pulls and drawer front was made from a single board to ensure consistent color and...

Night Stand
This Shaker night stand was made from plans in Thos. Moser's How to Build Shaker Furniture. The project is made from solid cherry, with fir for the drawer. The cherry came from a friend's property. I...

Night Stand
Build this classic bedside table to match the material and finish of your bed The first nightstand I ever built was in carpentry school. Our class shared the shop with the cabinetmaking program, and working in that space really got me thinking about the direction I wanted my woodworking to go. When...

Arts and Crafts Style NightStand
Based on the design motifs of the arts and crafts style of the 1920s, the mission table in this Wood Works project features strong horizontal lines, mortise-and-tenon joinery and a natural wood finish.

Slat Bedside Table
After making a very popular bed a few months ago, we complete the bedroom set by making a couple of versatile timber bedside tables.

Bedside Table
This bedside table is the perfect size for any bedroom, or it can be used in a living room as an end table. While it's of fairly straightforward construction, it will give you experience in design, roughing out stock, squaring, jointing and two-step finishing systems, in both traditional and contemporary...

Bedroom Organizer
Designed as a keeping place for CDs, cassettes, school papers and personal items, this Bedroom Organizer is sure to draw praise from all who see it. In fact, don't be surprised if your friends ask you to make another one for them. Inspired by 19th century American furniture, its clean lines make the...

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