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Simple Oars
Strong, lightweight oars made from spruce or other comparable woods.

Paddle Plans
Plans for a classic single bladed paddle, double bladed paddle, and bent single bladed paddle.

Oar Plans
Free plans for simple but good looking oars. These oars were designed and built by Spark Geissler, a frequent contributor to boatbuilding message boards and builder of a V10.

Oars and Paddles Simple DIY Woodworking
A very adequate set of oars or paddles can be built using just the minimum of basic handymans tools.

Make An Eskimo Style Kayak Paddle
Make a steering oar for a Marshall Islands Racing canoe. Make an Eskimo Style Kayak Paddle from 2x4 Scrap Wood in 1.5 hours.

Double and Single Touring Paddles
There are two paddles detailed in this pack single bladed and double bladed.

Quick-N-Dirty Oars
I made these in just under an hour for absolutely ZIP! Of course, I did have the scrap just laying around to use, but even if you have to buy the PVC, it won't be more than a few dollars!

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