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Obelisks Rustic Bean Tower
Barry Marshall's backyard bean tower is designed as a simple weekend project that can be built from 5 to 8 ft high to support beans, tomatoes, or other...

Rustic Twig Furniture
Rustic twig furniture is easy to make and its design can be tailored to suit your needs For those of us who take our woodworking a little too seriously, here’s a chance to have some fun, forget the carpenter’s square and bend some rules. Rustic furniture became quite popular in 19th-century...

Build A Grill Buddy
There is nothing quite like cooking out. You get all the fresh air, beautiful views and the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The only drawback...

Build An Outdoor Table And Bench Set
It's easy to understand the appeal of outdoor dining. Think of fresh air and bright sunshine with a soft breeze keeping pesky insects at bay. Then think of yourself surrounded by your family and friends. You're sitting there with a cold drink while some sumptuous food sizzles on the grill. Few of us...

Building A Lemonade Stand Or Entertainment Cart
A lemonade stand is great summer fun. Here's a refreshing twist on a favorite summer pastime. This brightly colored refreshment cart will bring a taste of the Caribbean to any...

Fold Rack
This fold-in rack makes a great resting spot for damp swimwear By the pool, dock or deck, create the perfect place for wet bathing suits and towels to dry on this summer. When it’s time to head back into the water, simply fold the arms back against the wall and the rack is out of the way. I used...

Build An Outdoor Table And Chairs
Outdoor dining is one of life's great pleasures and a pastime with almost universal appeal. From crowded sidewalk cafes in Paris to the quiet backyard barbecues of Middle America, people love to gather, celebrate and dine outside. While preparing the meal is a great part of the fun, the real pleasure...

The Outdoor Deck Chair
Here's a simple, rugged outdoor chair design that you can easily modify to suit your own needs. If you've already decided that cheap, plastic outdoor furniture isn't for youand you've already priced well-designed...

Garden Love Seat
This seat is designed for two, but its length can vary to fit a particular location. All the materials are strips or blocks of 2" x 4" Cedar, except for the 2" x 10"...

Build A Cedar Chair And Ottoman
If you've ever dreamed of extending the comfort of your living room to your deck, patio or yard, our porch chair-and-ottoman combination is a great place to start making that dream a reality. We've built the set out of solid red cedar--a wood that's great for outdoor structures because it's highly resistant...

Lounge Chair
Get comfortable on the patio or deck with this sturdy reclining lounge chair As early as the eighth century B. C., the Greeks used a piece of furniture called the “kline,” for lounging during meals instead of sitting on a chair. The kline was also used at social gatherings involving wine,...

Build A Classic Redwood Recliner
Being equipped for warm weather fun doesn't just mean that you know where your tennis racket is or that the pool toys are inflated and afloat. For many of us, fun in the sun takes on a more civilized quality, where time is spent motionless–or nearly so–and the height of activity amounts... .

Patio Trolley
This cedar patio trolley adds a touch of elegance to outdoor entertaining When it comes to furniture, woodworkers have an advantage over other people. If we can’t find what we’re looking for in stores, we have the option of heading out to the workshop to build it. This was the case recently...

Tile-Top For Outdoor Table
Tiling the top of your patio table is a simple craft project if you plan to lay square tiles over the surface. A more interesting way to make a tile top for your patio table is to design a mosaic and create a work of art that you will enjoy for years.

Patio Chair and Love Seat
This lightweight, easy-to-build outdoor furniture can bring contemporary flair to a deck, patio or balcony. And these chairs are as easy to store as they are to relax in. With their interlocking legs, both the chair and the love seat can be quickly dismantled or "knocked down" for storage without tools.

Chaise Lounge
The chaise lounge is a large wood shaping project that results in a striking sculpture which is also a piece of furniture.

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