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Childís Play Structure
Learn how to build and install a kid's pre-fab outdoor play structure; details include site prep and tips for working with kits.

Commando Course
course/ Get busy in the garden and knock up this childrenís commando course.

Playground Slide
Easy to build and isnít time consuming at all; this cool playground is perfect for young children who enjoy outdoor activity.

Timber Play Gym
A play gym is a fun way for children to exercise.

Wooden Play Set
Build this awesome play set for your kids. The plans include swings, slide, sandbox and a two story fort.

Build A Children's Play Structure
From San Antonio, Ron headed up North to Troup, Texas. This town sits about two and half hours East of Dallas where Ron paid a visit to Dennis and Kim Stephens. The Stephens were hoping for a little help building an outdoor play set for their daughter...

Commando Course
Get busy in the garden and knock up this commando course for your kids.

Childrens Play Structure
This play structure is sure to bring fun and enjoyment for young ones. The plans are easy to read and include everything you need to make this children structure.

Back Yard Gym That Grows With Child
This plan collection will get your kids off the couch and out playing in the fresh air, sunshine and poison ivy of your backyard!

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