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Apple Patio Table & Benches

Patio Table & Planter

Bistro Patio Table Plan

The KnockDown & StoreAway Patio Table
This great patio table solves the age-old off season storage problem, once and for all!

Build An Outdoor Table And Bench Set
It's easy to understand the appeal of outdoor dining – especially with this beautiful patio table with benches.

Elegant Patio Set
This bar-height table and chairs set is great on the deck, patio or balcony

Easy-to-Make Patio Tables
Build one or a set of these handy little side tables in a single weekend.

Patio Table
This all-cedar patio table is roomy enough to seat six, and strong enough to support a large patio umbrella—even in high wind. The legs and cross braces are cut from solid 4 × 4 cedar posts, then lag-bolted together.

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