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Pergola Plan - Build a Sun-filtering Pergola for your Deck

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Pergola Plan

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Cedar Pergola
A vital part of pergola construction is ensuring that the posts can handle the weight of the overhead beams. The posts are set in concrete footings you can pour yourself, or buy readymade...

Build a Pergola
This pergola makes a great weekend project - a good helper would make the job go much more smoothly.

Design And Build A Pergola
Ron begins this HouseCalls episode in Vorhees, New Jersey where Joanne and Dennis Cuderyo have a beautifully landscaped, but overly sunny backyard. It was difficult to enjoy their patio in the summertime because of the afternoon sunshine that beat down...

Walk-Through Garden Pergola
Before building this pergola........ Check with your local Authority to see if any Building permits, permissions or conditions are required. Check with the utility companies to make sure the area is clear of underground gas, water, electrical lines etc.

Pergola with Planters
This airy, yet sturdy, structure is a terrific way to finish off a concrete slab, making a wonderful trellis for climbing plants and a perfect place for enjoying the outdoors.

Backyard Pergola
A pergola is just the thing to bring backyard landscaping to life. Pergolas were common features of Italian Renaissance gardens, often covering walkways or serving as grape arbors. Today, the same design can be used to define a passageway or frame a focal point in your yard. Add a climbing plant such as wisteria or,...

Box Pergola
This pergola is called the 'box' pergola because it is built with rows of solid blockings/nogs between the rafters forming rows of square or oblong boxes. This type of pergola is becoming increasingly popular and is relatively easy to build.

Pergola Gate Topper
As the seasons change so does the width of the gate opening, usually the tops of the posts are pushed in as the fence swells in the wet weather. This gate topper will prevent that as well as adding a nice touch to the entrance.

Tile Accented Pergola
The cost of doing this project yourself is about $450 (minus the cost of the plantings) if you don't need a new fence: you can expect to pay a professional about $1800 to install the pergola (the professional estimate doesn't include the cost of the fence or plantings).

Lean-to Pergola
The pergola in this example is 9m (30ft) long x 2.4m (8ft) wide. The project is broken into sections (pages) which include working plans, construction details, roof details, and materials. Each section contains it's own instructions and diagrams etc.

There are two basic types of pergola free standing and house fixed. Both types have similar construction methods. Check with your local building authorities to ensure that your pergola will comply with any relevant building regulations before you commence.

Garden Pergola
This DIY Project will provide you with a pleasant walk-through arch and in addition offer screening to one side of your garden.

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