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Three-Window Photo Frame Plan

A Novel Box For Favorite Photos Plan

Art Deco-Style Photo Frame Plan

Buttoned-Up Picture Frame Plan

Low-Tech, High-Appeal Trio Of Picture Frames

Picture-Perfect Countertop Organizer Plan

Photo Frame Plan

4X6 Photo Stand Plan

Picture frame
The idea behind this picture frame was twofold.: the main goal was to build a frame that did not detract from the photo held within it (in this case a landscape shot). The second goal was to try and portray a sense of depth to the picture. The first goal was easily attained by using solid hard maple...

Picture Albums
Transform workshop scraps or special exotics into treasured keepsakes. Exotic wood, such as lacewood, koa, bocote and zebra, give the albums unique appeal.

Scroll picture frame
This scroll frame was one of the more unusual challenges that I have been given in the past couple of years. A relative had picked up a Chinese scroll while on vacation and needed a method of displaying it on the wall. However, the scroll is about 20 feet long - too long to fit in a small apartment...

Picture Frame Clamp
Simplifies gluing up picture frames.

PM Builds 6 Different Styles Of Picture Frames
Our six picture frames are simple to build, and you can vary them to suit your requirements. Frames 1 and 2 are made from ordinary pine stock and moldings. Frames 3 through 6 feature hardwoods that contrast in both color and grain figure. Whether they're family photos, favorite prints or maybe even...

Picture Frame
At UniqueProjects, we focus on providing our users with unique project plans. To keep our endeavor afloat, however, we occasionally work on other projects. Here is an overview of a large picture frame...

Photo Frame
At $3 a pop, you can put one of these self-supporting photo frames on your gift list These easy-to-build stocky self-supporting frames convert your shop scraps into attractive home decorations in a matter of a few hours. The listed part sizes are simply suggestions-you can make yours thinner or thicker...

Shop-Made Frames
Ron was going to take the bear photo down to a frame shop to have it professionally framed, but then he got a great idea. Making a custom frame would be a perfect workshop project.

Create Decorative Wall Frames
Marcie and John thought it would be fun to dress up the family room walls with frames made of decorative molding, which could then be either painted or wallpapered inside. Ron couldn't wait to get started on this creative project. The results were delightful!

Easy Picture Frames
Attractive and unique picture frames can be made with basic tools, for some only a saw and a square are needed. It is much easier to cut mitered corners with a miter box or trimmer, if the fit is not...

Easel Displays Framed Photo
A countertop-size easel is useful for displaying cards, books, photos, decorative plates, and other flat items. You can design and make customized easels that complement the color and shape of the display items, and you'll likely save yourself time and money compared to shopping for and buying ready-made easels.

Craftsman Frame
Pegged half-lap joints are the cabinetmaker's way to build a beautiful frame. Getting four mitered corners perfectly cut and glued can drive you batty! This frame uses a simpler...

Apply Hand Rubbed Bronze Finish
Adding a bronze finish to candlesticks, picture frames or even a kitchen faucet can enhance the look of your home without a lot of added cost.

Wood Picture Frame
Tired of looking for the right-size frame for your favorite picture? Don't fret. Try making your own! This is also a good project for the novice woodworker. Here are a few steps to create the a wooden picture frame.

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