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Pinewood Derby Car Plans - How to Design and Build Your Pinewood Derby Car, Building A Pinewood Derby Car, and more

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How to Design and Build Your Pinewood Derby Car
If this is your first time building a car, I suggest starting out with a simple design requiring only a few cuts of the block. Below are a few tips that will help you build your car.

Building A Pinewood Derby Car
Please remember above all that the Pinewood Derby is supposed to be fun for all. So get started early and take your time building and testing your car.

How To Build A Pinewood Derby Car
This chapter covers designing the car, setting the wheelbase and drilling the axle holes, cutting out the block, adding weight holes, sanding, and painting.

Pinewood Derby Car Design Free Tips
The following tips tell you the most important pinewood derby car design concepts. Doing just the first few will make a huge impact on your performance.

How to Make A Pinewood Derby Racing Car
A wikiHow article about how to make a pinewood derby racing car in 10 steps.

YouTube - How to Make A Pinewood Derby Race Car
Learn how to make a pinewood derby race car. We'll show you how to customize your car easily with a Dremel tool.

Cub Scout Pack 271 Derby Car Patterns
Here are a few patterns and pictures for pinewood derby cars. They are just ideas gleaned from elsewhere on the web, but they have a lot of fun potential.

Derby Talk - Patterns For Cars
User submissions for free patterns/templates for pinewood derby cars.

100 Cool Pinewood Derby Car Photos
Browse a slideshow of more than 100 pinewood derby cars created by Boys' Life readers. Some great design ideas here!

Speed Secrets of The Pinewood Derby
Tips for making your car go super fast. Examples: Avoid designs with a pointed nose, Leave enough wood in the rear of the car so you can place additional weight there.

YouTube - How to Build A Winning Pinewood Derby Car Part
A brief video showing how to make the most of your pinewood derby race. This shows tools, and techniques for cutting the body, drilling axle holes, etc.

YouTube - World's Fastest Pinewood Derby Car
This is an extreme pinewood derby - an outlaw race at its finest. Nothing like LiPo batteries and a ducted fan spinning at 60000 RPM to scare the competition.

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