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Step-By-Step Plant Stand Plan

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Shapely Planter Pot Plan

Slat-Sided Planter Plan

Another Plant Stand
No plans or instructions; but it includes drawings with proper measurements.

Garden Chair Plant Stand
The design is sturdy enough to sit on but I wouldn't suggest using it for a sitting chair. The idea is to place potted plants on it.

Homemade Plant Stand
Uses a homemade laminating jig for this plant stand.

Plant Stand
A plant stand using Hemlock with photo’s and instructions.

Rolling Plant Stand
This mobile platform allows you to move heavy plants with ease.

Tall Plant Stand
Shown here is a plant stand which may be built from either walnut or mahogany lumber, making an attractive piece of furniture for your window corner.

Tiered Plant Stand
Take your pots to new heights with this project.

Hanging Plant Stand
Metal hanging plant stands can be purchased in stores, but can be costly. Several wooden stands can be constructed for the cost of one metal stands.

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