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Shapely Planter Pot Plan

Planter Box Plan - Build a Patio Planter

Redwood Planter Plan

Slat-Sided Planter Plan

Step-By-Step Plant Stand Plan

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Building Window Boxes
Article on building window boxes for your home.

Tiered Plant Stand
Multi-level pyramid shaped plant stand from Georgia-Pacific.

Plant Stand
Small tile top stand for plant or flowers. DXF Format.

Plant Stand
Display your prize plants on this easy-to-build project in treated pine.

Building Window Boxes
Many houses' styles are brightened and improved with colorful flowers in window boxes. These boxes are simple to build and in a weekend you can dress up your home and add the color and beauty...

3-Tiered Plant Stand
My wife wanted something on which to put some of her many outdoor plants. I had enough pressure treated lumber in the scrap bin so with her loose dimensions I began cutting up lumber. The framework was...

Cathedral Planter
Start with the basic box and add a lattice back-panel as a support for climbing plants. Your building supply dealer stocks ready-made Cedar lattice panels.

Heart Wheel
These wheels are made with a drill press, and are suitable for wagons, planter carts or miniature wheelbarrows. Cut the wheel blanks slightly over 4 1/4" diameter, drill 1/4" hole in center and mark...

Build A Window Box Planter
Planters are great for gardening on a small scale. Build a Window Box Planter Planters are great for gardening on a small scale. You can use them to grow everything from vegetables and herbs to decorative...

Build An Eight-Sided Planter
Are your pots ruining the natural beauty of your plants? Maybe your décor has evolved to the point that simple terra cotta won't quite do anymore. Save yourself the trouble and your treasured...

Planters With Personality
Collected junk becomes garden art when you make these personalized concrete planters.

Planter Box
Heavy duty planter box with wood shingle siding.

Planter Bench
It's a bench. It's a planter. It's both!

Picket Fence Planter
A planter made from picket fencing.

Planters The Basic Box
The basic box is an attractive container for a potted plant. Or line it with boards, plus an envelope of polyethylene, and it can hold soil and a variety of colorful plants. Create A Different Look Create...

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