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How to Make A Wooden Trophy Award Plaque
With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can make a Wooden Sports Trophy Plaque or use it as a Family Crest Plaque, as shown here.

Free Chickadee Intarsia Plaque Woodworking Plan
Capture a scene from nature by trying out this rewarding project. Youíll learn how to mix and match a variety of contrasting hardwoods.

How to Make Trophies Awards: Video Series
In this free video series on making trophies and plaques, experienced trophy and award maker Keith Stunson gives step-by-step instructions on building a stunning trophy.

How to Engrave A Plaque: How to Make Trophies Awards
Watch a professional trophy maker engrave a plaque in this free DIY glass engraving.

Relief Plaque
In this Video tutorial, learn how to create a Relief Plaque and a Sculptured Vase.

Ideas For Making Decorative Wall Plaques
If you are looking for an interesting way to decorate the interior of your home or office, consider a wall plaque.

Name Plaque Carving
Step by step instructions for making a personalized name plaque using a power chisel.

How to Make A Decorative Wooden Cross Wall Plaque
Create a decorative wooden cross wall plaque for the home or for gifts. A fun and rewarding project my friends.

Decorative Seashell Wall Plaques
A large Seashell Wall Plaque is nice for a foyer or large wall. It's not that difficult to make one, and here's how you can do it.

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