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Playhouse Plans

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Cubby House
Your kids will love this sturdy playhouse and you for making it!...

Puppet Theatre
Build this portable puppet theatre for your kids This easy-to-build puppet theatre should provide hours of imaginative play for the young kids in your life, and it tucks out of the way between dramatic productions. That’s because the unit comes apart in minutes, making it perfect for hiding under...

Girl's Play House
Any child would like a place to play and call her own. This dollhouse hutch could be just the thing to delight your little one and provide a place for display. Painted to match the room, this piece of...

Pirate Cubby-House
If you have fond memories of playing in a cubby house when you were young, the why not make this one for your kids? It takes the idea just a bit further. Follow the instruction sheets and pick up tips from the photos.

Outdoor Playhouse
If you want to give the children in your family their own retreat and improve your do-it-yourself skills at the same time, this playhouse is the perfect project for you.

Playhouse Plans
You will not get a more sturdy playhouse. The 1800 x 1800 (6'x6') playhouse is structured like a real house and will last for years. Four opening windows ensures ample light and air-flow. This comprehensive free plan-set includes plans, materials list, pictures and instructions.

Castle Playhouse
This castle playhouse is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing it to be put up at will then taken down and stored in a narrow space when the kids have finished playing in it at the day's end.

Ace Clubhouse
We have designed a clubhouse that the two of you can build together. Keep in mind that there are a few stages (such as raising the walls and roof) that require a second adult.

This design and detail is given for a playhouse to be erected on a flat level site. For sloping sites, modify the detail by embedding some of the posts deeper, or using posts of different lengths.

Standard Playhouse
This 7 1/2 × 8-ft. playhouse has many of the architectural details you'll find on a real house, making it a truly special place for play—and a fun project to build.

Backyard Playhouse
We were able to build the entire playhouse in under ten hours. And even using durable pressure-treated lumber, we still kept our costs under $300. Here are a few tips we learned while building.

Secret Playhouse
Follow these step-by-step directions on how to build a simple, private and sturdy playhouse for your child.

Unique Log Cabin Playhouse
This log cabin playhouse is a very interesting design that kids will love. Although you may notice it's openness, I guarantee if you build it you will have one of the most popular structures in the neighborhood.

Simple Indoor Playhouse Your Kids Will Love To Pieces! (Literally)
Are you ready for this! How much better can it get than a toy your kids will play with and love to pieces (probably literally) that costs you nothing? Kids and cardboard boxes were made for each other.

Two Story Playhouse
This two story fort playhouse will be loved by young and old. It also offers flexibility. You can close in the bottom and add doors for a storage shed while the kids have the top as a playhouse.

Frontier Stockade Playhouse
This is an easy to build Frontier type playhouse that your kids will enjoy. The design concept is so unique that I will let you look at the picture above to contemplate nailing all those "logs"...

Victorian Backyard Playhouse
This project is one of the most beautiful yet challenging projects we will present. This particular house was built by a builder for a home show competition for playhouses. It won! It may not...

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