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High End Pool Table
Building a pool table featured in Billiards Digest. Includes: dimensioned drawings, buying the slate, mahogany, and poplar, assembly sequences, attaching felt, etc.

Hardwood Pool Table
Spending around 70 hours on this project, and roughly $1500.00, the result is a beautiful, solid hardwood table that equals, or surpasses, all high-end tables on the market.

Pool Table Coffee Table
Combine a pool table found on the street along with some pool balls and sticks to create a coffee table that is certain to be the centerpiece of the room.

Building a Pool Table
HGTV shows how to build pool table for a basement bar. Construction details include MDF rather than slate, build-in stick and rack compartment, and walnut railings.

Buid Your Own Pool Table
Guidelines on building your own pool or snooker table including finding quality slate and links to table plans to get you started.

Pool Ball/Cue Rack
Impress your friends by hanging this pool ball/cue rack next to the pool table.

How Billiard Tables Work
Insight into billiard table construction. The table cabinet starts with a large, rectangular, wooden frame, typically made of thick hardwood planks.

Pool and Snooker Table CAD Plans
Downloadable CAD drawings (.dwg format) for pool and snooker tables.

Golf Ball Pool Table
Table-top pool table that uses golf balls. It's actually quite fun and makes for a nice, quiet, drinking game. Plus, it stores as easily as a card table.

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