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Workbench Plan - Build a Garden Potting Bench

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Flower Cart
A potting bench you can roll right into the garden With the good weather back, and sounds of the outdoors wafting in through the open windows, most of us are spending more time in our gardens. And getting the yard ready for planting is a ritual in itself. Cleaning out the garden shed, setting up planters,...

Pot And Bothered
Never buy another garden container again - Building your own is easy, cheap and best of all, filthy!

Potting Desk
We had a photo of a potting desk the wife coveted so I loosely based my version on that. As is nearly always the case, there were several things we wanted to change in the design. Raising the working...

Indoor Grow-Light Stand
My wife, Beth, is an avid gardener who does not allow trivial things like winter impinge on her passion for growing things. Recently she showed me a few indoor grow light stand designs, all based on 2x2...

Building A Potting Bench
If potting soil and gardening tools clutter your countertops, you may need some room to grow. Fashioned out of unfinished deck wood, this potting bench has elements to entice every gardener. Ample workspace...

The Mobile Potting Table
Make this move-around potting table in a single weekend and get set for a “blooming” Summer season! If you have an active Green Thumb, you probably spend a fair amount of time potting and re-...

Potting Bench
Attractive practicality is the order of the day with this handy-dandy potting bench. The design features a recessed plastic pan to hold soil mixture flush with the bench surface - making...

I Pot You Babe
A dream potting bench for the eternal gardener. Made from cedar so it lasts forever and smells good even covered in fish fertilizer.

Potting Tray
If you don't have the luxury of a potting bench use this handy potting tray to keep the dirt off the top of your picnic table. Made from 1 x 6 cedar fence boards.

Design And Create A Potting Bench
Ron continues his Denver stay with a visit to the meticulous garden of John Girton. John has asked for Ron's help to design and build a free standing potting bench. Using stunning endangered old-growth redwood from the local Colorado forests, Ron and John create a beautiful...

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