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Printer Stand Plans - DIY plans, How to Build Your Own Perfect Printer Stand, and more

Have Any Printer Stand Plans?
Printer stand photos and write-ups contributed by forum members.

How to Build Your Own Perfect Printer Stand
A printer stand of your favored size and shape that can hold a printer and 1000 or more spools, kept at the ideal place is the way most want it.

Shakey Printer Stand Video
This amusing video isn't about how to build a printer stand but it will inspire you to build one that doesn't wobble!

Printer Stand By ShopWoodworking.Com
Build this easy, open-frame oak printer stand in a few hours with a small number of tools. This three-level design has good storage and its openness makes it appear less massive. Fee plan.

Printer Stand Project
Last summer I had the opportunity to build a printer stand for my wife's office for their new printer/copier. Looks pretty darn good...

Modified Woodsmith Printer Stand
This is a project that I made a couple of years ago for our home office. We were running out of desk top space for our printers so I modified a Woodsmith file cabinet plan into a “double decker” printer stand.

Maple Printer Stand
I nice little printer stand I designed and built. Solid maple top, sides, and drawer with maple ply interior shelves.

Computer Desk Plan with Printer File Cabinets
Printer cabinet features slide-out printer stand and paper storage shelves. This woodworking plan appeared in Workbench magazine No. 288.

Build A Sturdy Cardboard Laptop Stand
This cardboard stand is designed to hold a laptop but could also be adapted to hold a printer.

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