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Bargain Purple Martin Birdhouse
Build a cheap birdhouse using scrap plywood, juice cans, small hinges, and a kitchen garbage bag.

Purple Martin House
A functional Purple Martin house made from 1/4" plywood, pine, and a cedar post. Includes 1/2" dowel railing for the youngsters.

Purple Martin Apartment
Martin bird houses are built on the apartment plan to satisfy the social instinct so marked in purple martins but so conspicuously lacking in most other birds.

Martin House
A home for your feathered friends. Includes a text file with instructions from Lee. DXF Format.

Purple Martin Gourd Birdhouse
Gourds make great birdhouses, and the time spent creating one is a worthwhile investment. Cured hard-shell gourds are almost as tough as plywood. And they will last up to 30 years if properly coated with a preservative and handled with a little care.

Purple Martin House Plans
This multi-storied apartment house will attract a colony of martins. The houses should be situated in an open space and painted white to reflect heat.

How to Build A Martin House
Note that the plan calls for nailing a 3/4-inch strip onto the boards which are the ends of the house. This makes the 11 1/2-inch lumber the full 12 1/4 inches necessary to make the rooms 6 x 6 inches.

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